The lightest waffle you'll ever make and awesome honey. Plus notes from New York's newest restaurants.
Also, a great new vinegar. And a much-requested recipe.
Also a great dessert. And a very aromatic vintage menu.
A Touch of AcidEvery good cook needs a variety of vinegars. Here are mine. What vinegar can’t you live without?
Also: the most beautiful Deviled Eggs. And a raucous substitute for Sriracha..
One of the first famous athletes to become a restaurateur
Also, a wonderfully nutty oil. A great spring cracker. And a vintage menu for wine lovers.
The ArrangmentWatch now (5 sec) | A guest rearranged my books. I posted it on Instagram... and it blew up (hundreds of comments). I'm happy my friend left my kitchen…
with classic recipes. Also, a vintage LA hotel: great then, better now.
Most Exciting MealWatch now (26 sec) | Most fun I’ve had in ages was our uni tailgate on the way to LAX. What’s the most exciting meal you’ve ever had?
Also...The one fish to eat before you die. A menu from 1897. The very best bacon. And more LA restaurants.
Plus: Vintage LA Menu. Where I've Been Eating.