A 30 year old note brings up the question. Also, an old menu that you have never seen, Danny Kaye's favorite pasta and a great source for Indian ingredients.
Favorite Gift Cookbook?I recently gave a friend a copy of Missy Robbins’ new cookbook, Pasta. No gift has been more joyfully received; my friend is determined to cook …
The first days of L.A.'s iconic Chinois on Main. Truly great dinnerware. And menus from a long-gone and much-loved restaurant.
Spreading ComfortWhen I woke up this morning it was 5 degrees, the kind of cold that goes into your bones. Now that beef, onion and red wine stew I shared last w…
Reason to hope, the power players of forty years ago, great old menus - and a perfect winter recipe.
Chefs predict, fishermen ship live seafood, and a couple of great old menus.
Old wine, old menus, and how to make perfect poundcake.
Not to mention, a very unusual way to assess a restaurant.
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